professional logo design
Professional Logo Design

Logos, those seemingly simple little graphics, serve many purposes. They grab attention and set expectations. They foster brand loyalty and communicate values. They convey meaning and set businesses apart from one another. In short, logos help provide a unique brand identity by representing everything from mission to reputation to the actual product or service provided. And they do all of this in a matter of moments. Suffice it to say, a professional logo for your business is a must. Since there are so many things to keep in mind when designing a logo, we suggest considering professional logo design from the get-go.

The Importance of Logo Design

So, how important is a logo for a company? Very. The importance of your logo means you may want to consider turning design over to a professional. This isn’t because your ideas or creative vision for your logo aren’t good enough, but rather because the benefits of professional logo design are so numerous. Turning to someone with relevant experience will help you make the most of your ideas! 

So, the good news is that you don’t need to know how to make a professional logo in order to have one. Here are 6 benefits of using a professional graphic designer when creating your logo:

A Logo is Your First Impression

You can find stats all over the internet that tell you how long (or not long, in fact) you have to make a first impression. There are many studies, all citing various lengths of time, but regardless of whether these studies state that you have thirty-three milliseconds or seven whole seconds, it’s safe to say that you don’t have much time at all. And if that’s the case, your logo has a lot of work to do, and quickly!

Logos Communicate More Than You May Realize

A great logo communicates so much, not the least of which is all that your brand stands for. The better your consumers understand and recognize what your logo represents, the easier it will be to build a brand over time. A professional logo designer will have the experience necessary to truly grasp this and will understand the ways in which subtle changes communicate to your customers.  

Your Logo Will Be Used in Many Places

There’s something to be said for consistency and continuity across all platforms and media types. Of course, you’ll be using your logo on your website, but you need to make sure it translates well from digital spaces to physical spaces. Those physical spaces can be anything from letterhead to a coffee cup to embroidering on a sweatshirt. Professional logo designers will know how to make a logo for your brand that works in a variety of mediums and looks great in each. 

Logos Project a Professional Image

Would you spend your hard-earned money with a company that you don’t trust to deliver on their promise, and to do it well? A good logo should be able to project a professional image, which will help position your business as a brand that consumers trust and love to support. Professional logo designers have a solid understanding of how to make this happen!

You’ll Need Various File Types for Your Logo

This one might sound silly at first, but it’s oh-so-important. The most beautifully designed logo does you no good if you can’t use it where you need it. Opting for professional logo design ensures that you’ll not only receive the rights to all artwork produced for your logo, but that you’ll receive the logo in the formats required to meet your needs. Whether you’re putting your logo on your website, or letterhead, or anything in between, you’ll be covered.  

Logos Must Last

Sure, logos evolve over time but changing them entirely isn’t ideal. Not only would you have to spend extra money to make a major change, but you’d lose brand identity and awareness in the process. Take the time and spend the money now to get a logo designed right so that you don’t find yourself wishing for something different a few months or years down the road.

Professional Logo Design and Professional Web Design Make a Killer Combination

Once you have your professionally designed logo, you’ll need to know how and where to use it for maximum effect. Hungry Media has years of experience in the digital creation space and knows how to build a website or app that takes your business to the next level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a website update, our unique approach will help make your vision a reality. Contact us today for more information. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas!

contributed by Melissa Lucas, senior staff writer