Importance of Copywriting
Importance of Copywriting

In the ever-evolving world of web design and development, there are a few facts you can always count on to be true. Among them is that regardless of your niche, the type of website you manage, or your target audience, the importance of copywriting cannot be understated.  

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting involves the creation of text-based marketing and promotional materials that motivate someone to take a desired action. The finished product can be anything from brochures, to scripts for commercials, to blog posts. The text in all these materials is called “copy,” hence the terms copywriter and copywriting.

What is Web Copy? 

For the purposes of this post, we are discussing web copy. This covers all text found on a website including homepages, meta data, and blogs like this one. 

What is Writing Copy for Websites Like?

Writing web copy is typically accomplished via a two-step approach. First and foremost, website copywriters research the brand or topic they’re writing about to uncover supporting facts in the form of relevant anecdotes, the wants and needs of the target audience, and even interviews. Writers will create, edit, and proofread again and again until they are confident their final product will hit the mark.

The Importance of Copywriting

So, now that you understand copywriting and what a copywriter does, let’s talk about it. Here, we dig into the importance of good copywriting. 

We recently discussed why website images are so important, and we even provided some statistics explaining that users are much less likely to read copy than review images. So, if you’ve got good graphics, why the heck does copy matter? 

Graphics get you in the door. Copy seals the deal. 

Today’s online users have such short attention spans that they are not going to stop to read your ad on Facebook or dig into every word on your homepage – unless you give them a good reason to do so. Images help you gain a captive audience that is interested in reading more. If your copy is sub-par – if it’s incoherent, full of typos, unclear, or generally lackluster – even the best graphic in the world won’t provide long-lasting results.

Copywriting’s Importance in Optimization Strategies

When developing CRO and SEO strategies, the importance of copywriting should never be overlooked. Here’s how good copy can benefit each. 

The Importance of Copywriting in Conversion Rate Optimization

Good copy can help you maximize your CRO efforts, convincing users to take the next step, whatever it may be. In fact, simply changing up a word or two can make the difference between a success and failure. Check out the results of the A/B tests below, courtesy of

Try for Free

Version A: Check email every 5 mins? Stop! Let us find your urgent messages. 

Version B: Checking email every 5 minutes? Stop!

Which performed better: version B increased the number of users who clicked a “Try for Free” button by 38% compared to version A.

Get Organized

Version A: You’ve arrived. Get organized with the best. Call or click today. 

Version B: Clean. Bright. Organized. Schedule your free design consultation today. 

Which performed better: Version A, producing 115% more leads than version B.

Design a Dream Closet

Version A: Get the perfect walk-in closet to fit your space and your life. Book your in-home visit & explore more online. 

Version B: We are looking forward to hearing about your walk-in closet project. Sign-up today for your free design consultation – in your home!

Which performed better: Version A produced 439% more leads than version B.

Copy doesn’t work in a vacuum, and of course there were other factors which contributed to conversion rates. But this goes to show the importance of good copywriting. Furthermore, changing a word or two can make a huge difference. 

The Importance of Copywriting in Search Engine Optimization

Search engines comb through the millions of websites online to find relevant, quality information about a searcher’s query. Websites appearing on Google’s first page of results make up 75% of the web traffic due to searches. In short, it pays to use your copy for SEO purposes, as great SEO will help your website appear on page one. 

Appropriately using keywords in your title tags, alt attributes, and meta descriptions is important. Additionally, keep in mind search engines favor unique, engaging content. So effectively using longer-form copy to target specific keywords can really pay off. For more details on using copy to boost your search rankings, visit our beginners guide to SEO.

Hungry Media Designs Great Websites with Compelling Copy

Whether you’re launching a brand-new website or simply starting to consider the importance of copywriting on your current site, Hungry Media is here to help! With years of experience in the web design and development space, we’ve seen it all and we know what works. Contact us today to discuss your digital needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

contributed by Melissa Lucas, senior staff writer