app vs website
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Should I Make a Website or an App? Simple Answers in the App vs. Website Debate

When it comes to a digital presence, there are two ways customers can access a business: website and app. If you’re just beginning to establish yourself in the digital space, where should you focus your resources? Here are a few things…
why does a business need a website
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Why Does a Business Need a Website?

Smart phones, tablets, watches, computers. It’s no secret that technology rules our lives. And increasingly, consumers make purchasing decisions based on information found using that technology - that is, customers use information found…
strategies to grow online business

Growth 101: 25 Strategies to Grow an Online Business

How does a website help your business grow? Whether you’re creating a new online business, bringing your brick and mortar into the digital space, or looking to increase sales on your current website, an online presence is a must! The…
copy and content writing
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What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

There’s no getting around it - the words on websites matter. Yes, images make a splash, and super-functional UX design is impressive, but without excellent copy and content, a website won’t help your business flourish.  Hold…
Writing Copy for Websites

Eight Important Tips to Remember When Writing Copy for Websites

There are so many factors that combine to make a website successful. Design - both UX and UI, functionality, and effective use of graphics and images all have an impact on a website’s success. Each of these factors focus on driving users…
Importance of Copywriting

The Importance of Copywriting and It’s Role in Website Success

In the ever-evolving world of web design and development, there are a few facts you can always count on to be true. Among them is that regardless of your niche, the type of website you manage, or your target audience, the importance of…
why are images important on a website

Why Are Images Important on a Website?

Ever wonder why images are important on a website? Studies show that users make a judgement about the quality of a website within seconds of viewing it. So, whether you manage a blog with 100 weekly visitors or a multimillion-dollar ecommerce…
Website Graphics

3 Types of Website Graphics and When to Use Them

Graphics are an important component to any website. While the copy on your site is also very important, it usually plays a supporting role to imagery. Whether you’re selling products, teaching a skill, sharing a blog, or anything else…
Mobile UX Design
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10 Mobile UX Design Principles to Use When Developing a New App

You only have a few moments to capture users’ attention and prove to them that your app is worth their time (and possibly their money). This is where effective mobile UX design comes into play. Did you know that 75% of downloaded apps…
hungry media cio magazine

Hungry Media Awarded Spot in CIO Review’s Recent Top Ten List

It’s an exciting time at Hungry Media. Industry reviews were recently conducted by CIO Review, which named their Top 10 Providers of Web Design and Development Solutions. We’re thrilled to share that among the winners you’ll find…