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The Best Social Media Content Types for Each Platform

Upon its inception nearly 20 years ago, social media was simply a way to connect with friends and family in the digital world. Today, it has become a way of life. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have transformed the way we connect…
Types of Social Media Marketing

Two Types of Social Media Marketing and Creating a Plan for Both

The rise of technology has changed the way we do absolutely everything. And, with the exception of the smartphone, it’s possible that the invention and widespread use of social media has influenced the modern landscape more than any other…
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The Art and Science of Creating Good Content for Websites

Content strategy is relatively new to the marketing space, and website content needs will vary based on circumstance, market, brand, and goals. Regardless of the details, the fact remains that a solid content plan is a pillar of any well-rounded…
Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience in ways that make sense to them. Whether you’re appealing to toddlers or octogenarians, marketing efforts have to meet potential customers where they are in order to be effective.…
why does a business need a website
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Why Does a Business Need a Website?

Smart phones, tablets, watches, computers. It’s no secret that technology rules our lives. And increasingly, consumers make purchasing decisions based on information found using that technology - that is, customers use information found…
strategies to grow online business

Growth 101: 25 Strategies to Grow an Online Business

How does a website help your business grow? Whether you’re creating a new online business, bringing your brick and mortar into the digital space, or looking to increase sales on your current website, an online presence is a must! The…
copy and content writing
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What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

There’s no getting around it - the words on websites matter. Yes, images make a splash, and super-functional UX design is impressive, but without excellent copy and content, a website won’t help your business flourish.  Hold…
Writing Copy for Websites

Eight Important Tips to Remember When Writing Copy for Websites

There are so many factors that combine to make a website successful. Design - both UX and UI, functionality, and effective use of graphics and images all have an impact on a website’s success. Each of these factors focus on driving users…
professional logo design

6 Reasons to Invest in Professional Logo Design

Logos, those seemingly simple little graphics, serve many purposes. They grab attention and set expectations. They foster brand loyalty and communicate values. They convey meaning and set businesses apart from one another. In short, logos…
things to keep in mind when designing a logo

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Logo

There are so many things to keep in mind when designing a logo. This is because your logo is so much more than just a picture. It represents not just your business, but everything behind it. Your mission, your reputation, your core values,…