How We Do It


Our tried-and-true approach walks you through our web and mobile development process while keeping your decision makers involved every step of the way.

1 Discover

Once you’ve decided to use our mobile application design or website design services, we will begin the discovery process. Our first meeting will include questions to uncover your concepts, must-haves, and expectations. If you’re looking for a website, we’ll learn what type of website suits you best. If you’re launching an app, we’ll determine whether you should opt for a web app vs. a mobile app. We will continue to dig deep until we have effectively outlined your ideal product.

2 Design

Our app and website design services start with detailed documentation and architecture which are then used to design a beautiful, functional interface that presents your brand as a trustworthy authority in its space. We’ll share our initial concepts, and you’ll let us know what you think. From there we go back and forth until you’re 100% happy with your design. Then we actually start creating it!

3 Develop

After the initial planning is complete and the design is approved by your team, the website or app development process begins. We will hold regular meetings to measure progress and manage expectations. These meetings also provide an opportunity for you to share feedback about what has been developed to that point. Status reports are sent weekly to ensure written documentation of project status.

4 Deploy

Regular web and mobile development meetings will be held to measure progress as the build continues. Hungry Media will provide rigorous testing, detailed Q&A, and a formulaic launch process to make sure we are putting your best foot forward. Additionally, we believe it’s our job as a web design and development company to stay on through launch and support our work. While we do have set completion dates with most of our clients, the majority of projects require monthly maintenance and support, which we can happily provide.

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